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Hermann Bosch

Olympic Competitor nr 5179

Jonkheer Gerard Bosch van Drakestein

B. 1887-07-24, Mechelen, Belgium, competed for the Netherlands; D. 1972-03-20
Cycling - track (1 silver, 1 bronze)
1908 1924 1928 bonus HP
1000m Time Trial silver 6000
Tandem bronze 3200
Team Pursuit fourth R1 (silver) 254.18 2498.98
5000 m 7th 300
100 km SF 0.807
Sprint (1000 m) heat:2nd 0.582
Sprint (660 yds) heat:2nd 0.510
20 km heat:5th 0.020
1471.919 3371.8 7200 254.18 12000.899

A nobleman, his family did not approve of his cycling, so at the start of his career he raced as "Ulysses". He remained an amateur and won a silver at Amsterdam aged 40. He also raced in the team pursuit in the quarter-final at Amsterdam, helping his team to qualify for the semis and the eventual silver medal.

Olympic Competitor nr 3492

Fernand Bosmans

Olympic Competitor nr 4065

Fridrihs Bošs

B. 1887-02-07 Valmiera, Latvia, represented Russia

Olympic Competitor nr 5710

John Bostock

Olympic Competitor nr 3238

Ralph Boston

B. 1939-05-09, USA
Track and Field (1 gold, 1 silver, 1 bronze)
1960 1964 1968 HP
Long Jump gold silver bronze 24300

The man who broke Jesse Owens' world record and lost it to Bob Beamon at Mexico.
Inducted in 1974 in the USATF Hall of Fame.

Erik Boström

Olympic Competitor nr 5032

Wollmar Boström

Olympic Competitor nr 3152

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