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John Mary Pius Boland

B. 1870-09-16, Dublin, Ireland, then still part of Great Britain; D. 1958-03-17
Tennis (2 gold)
1896 HP
Men's Singles gold 8000
Men's Doubles gold 4800

A student at Oxford, coïncidentally in Athens at the time of the Olympic Games. As he was carrying a tennis racket, he decided to enter the games and won the singles event. For the doubles event, he partnered a German (Friedrich Traun), who was previously eliminated from the 800 metres. That  was the first and last transnational team in the history of the Olympic Games.
An Irishman, he would become a member of the British parliament for South Kerry from 1900 to 1918.

Olympic Competitor nr 109

Gunnar Bolander

Olympic Competitor nr 6521

Alwin Boldt

Olympic Competitor nr 3417

Ivar Böling

Olympic Competitor nr 5791


Olympic Competitor nr 1061

James Bollinger

Olympic Competitor nr 2280

Competed under the name Caroll Burton and was disqualified as a result

Jan Bolt

Olympic Competitor nr 3921

Usain Bolt

B. 1986-08-21, Trelawny, Jamaica
Athletics (2 gold)
2004 2008 HP
100 m gold 6400
200 m 40th gold 6400,00016
4 x 100 m gold 1600

At the start of 2008, he asked if he could switch to the 100 m. His trainer thought of him more as a 400 m runner, but he accepted anyway. Half a year later, he had broken the 100 m world record twice and had won the olympic gold. He had crossed the line in celebration, but he could not do the same when attacking Michael Johnson's 12-year old World record of the 200 m. He beat that mark with only 0.02" to spare.

Gustaf Adolf Boltenstern, Sr.

Olympic Competitor nr 6653

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