The 315 countries on the TCC list

A: 191 Members of the United Nations

There are 191 members of the United Nations: (non-members)

1 AF Afghanistan
2 AL Albania
3 DZ Algeria
4 AD Andorra
5 AO Angola
6 AG Antigua and Barbuda
7 AR Argentina
8 AM Armenia
9 AU Australia
10 AT Austria
11 AZ Azerbaijan
12 BS Bahamas
13 BH Bahrain
14 BD Bangladesh
15 BB Barbados
16 BY Belarus
17 BE Belgium
18 BZ Belize
19 BJ Benin
20 BT Bhutan
21 BO Bolivia
22 BA Bosnia and Herzegovina
23 BW Botswana
24 BR Brazil
25 BN Brunei Darussalam
26 BG Bulgaria
27 BF Burkina Faso
28 BI Burundi
29 KH Cambodia
30 CM Cameroon
31 CA Canada
32 CV Cape Verde
33 CF Central African Republic
34 TD Chad
35 CL Chile
36 CN China
37 CO Colombia
38 KM Comoros
39 CD Congo, Democratic Republic of
40 CG Congo, Republic of
41 CR Costa Rica
42 CI Côte d'Ivoire
43 HR Croatia
44 CU Cuba
45 CY Cyprus
46 CZ Czech Republic
47 DK Denmark
48 DJ Djibouti
49 DM Dominica
50 DO Dominican Republic
51 EC Ecuador
52 EG Egypt
53 SV El Salvador
54 GQ Equatorial Guinea
55 ER Eritrea
56 EE Estonia
57 ET Ethiopia
58 FJ Fiji
59 FI Finland
60 FR France
61 GA Gabon
62 GM Gambia
63 GE Georgia
64 DE Germany
65 GH Ghana
66 GR Greece
67 GD Grenada
68 GT Guatemala
69 GN Guinea
70 GW Guinea-Bissau
71 GY Guyana
72 HT Haiti
73 HN Honduras
74 HU Hungary
75 IS Iceland
76 IN India
77 ID Indonesia
78 IR Iran
79 IQ Iraq
80 IE Ireland
81 IL Israel
82 IT Italy
83 JA Jamaica
84 JP Japan
85 JO Jordan
86 KZ Kazakhstan
87 KE Kenya
88 KI Kiribati
89 KP Korea, Democratic People's Republic
90 KR Korea, Republic
91 KW Kuwait
92 KG Kyrgyzstan
93 LA Laos
94 LV Latvia
95 LB Lebanon
96 LS Lesotho
97 LR Liberia
98 LY Libya
99 LI Liechtenstein
100 LT Lithuania
101 LU Luxembourg
102 MK FYRO Macedonia
103 MG Madagascar
104 MW Malawi
105 MY Malaysia
106 MV Maldives
107 ML Mali
108 MT Malta
109 MH Marshall Islands
110 MR Mauritania
111 MU Mauritius
112 MX Mexico
113 FM Micronesia, Federated States of
114 MD Moldova
115 MC Monaco
116 MN Mongolia
117 MA Morocco
118 MZ Mozambique
119 MM Myanmar
120 NA Namibia
121 NR Nauru
122 NP Nepal
123 NL Netherlands
124 NZ New Zealand
125 NI Nicaragua
126 NE Niger
127 NG Nigeria
128 NO Norway
129 OM Oman
130 PK Pakistan
131 PW Palau
132 PA Panama
133 PG Papua New Guinea
134 PY Paraguay
135 PE Peru
136 PH Philippines
137 PL Poland
138 PT Portugal
139 QA Qatar
140 RO Romania
141 RU Russia
142 RW Rwanda
143 KN Saint Kitts and Nevis
144 LC Saint Lucia
145 VC Saint Vincent
146 WS Samoa
147 SM San Marino
148 ST São Tomé and Príncipe
149 SA Saudi Arabia
150 SN Senegal
151 CS Serbia and Montenegro
152 SC Seychelles
153 SL Sierra Leone
154 SG Singapore
155 SK Slovakia
156 SI Slovenia
157 SB Solomon Islands
158 SO Somalia
159 ZA South Africa
160 ES Spain
161 LK Sri Lanka
162 SD Sudan
163 SR Suriname
164 SZ Swaziland
165 SE Sweden
166 CH Switzerland
167 SY Syria
168 TJ Tajikistan
169 TZ Tanzania
170 TH Thailand
171 TL Timor-Leste
172 TG Togo
173 TO Tonga
174 TT Trinidad and Tobago
175 TN Tunisia
176 TR Turkey
177 TM Turkmenistan
178 TV Tuvalu
179 UG Uganda
180 UA Ukraine
181 AE United Arab Emirates
182 GB United Kingdom
183 US United States of America
184 UY Uruguay
185 UZ Uzbekistan
186 VU Vanuatu
187 VE Venezuela
188 VN Viet Nam
189 YE Yemen
190 ZM Zambia
191 ZW Zimbabwe

B: Independent Non-members of the UN

Four of those non-members can be considered "independent" countries, so that we arrive at 195

One country maintains a Permanent Observer Mission at UN Headquarters :
192 VA Holy See (Vatican City State)

One entity has received a standing invitation to participate as observer in the sessions and the work of the General Assembly and maintaining permanent offices at Headquarters:
193 PS Palestinian Territories, Occupied

One entity is widely regarded as independent, although it refuses to claim such independence:
194 TW Taiwan, province of China

One entity has a specific status, with claims by other countries being suspended:
195 AQ Antarctica

Of these 195 countries, 193 are inhabited, two (the Vatican and Antarctica) have no permanent civilian population.

C: 211 Self and Non-Self-Governing Territories

The UN keeps a list of Non-Self-Governing Territories. In 2002, this list contained the following 16 territories:
196 NC New Caledonia FR
197 TK Tokelau NZ
198 AI Anguilla GB
199 BM Bermuda GB
200 VG British Virgin Islands GB
201 KY Cayman Islands GB
202 FK Falkland Islands GB
203 GI Gibraltar GB
204 MS Montserrat GB
205 PN Pitcairn GB
206 SH Saint Helena GB
207 TC Turks and Caicos Islands GB
208 AS American Samoa US
209 GU Guam US
210 VI Virgin Islands (US) US

The list also contained one territory that had been annexed without full international recognition of that fact:
211 EH Western Sahara

All these countries except three (208) are inhabited, the Western Sahara has a habitation but no "population".

D: Entities listed by the International Standards Organisation (ISO)

ISO3166 defines an Entity as a "country, dependency, or other area of special geopolitical interest".

It contains the following territories which are dependent from another state (inhabited territories only)
212 CX Christmas Island AU
213 CC Cocos Islands AU
214 NF Norfolk Island AU
215 FO Faroe Islands DK
216 GL Greenland DK
217 PF French Polynesia FR
218 YT Mayotte FR
219 PM Saint Pierre and Miquelon FR
220 WF Wallis and Futuna FR
221 AW Aruba NL
222 AN Netherlands Antilles NL
223 CK Cook Islands NZ
224 NU Niue NZ
225 MP Northern Mariana Islands US
226 PR Puerto Rico US

This makes 223 inhabited countries and 3 uninhabited ones

The following dependencieas are basically uninhabited:
227 HM Heard Island and McDonald Islands AU
228 TF French Southern Territories FR
229 BV Bouvet Island NO
230 SJ Svalbard and Jan Mayen NO
231 IO British Indian Ocean Territory GB
232 GS South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands GB
233 UM United States Minor Outlying Islands US

For a total of 223 inhabited countries and 10 uninhabited ones.

The list includes three territories that have a special status:
234 HK Hong Kong CN
235 MO Macao CN
236 AX Åland FI

and four départements of France, which have completely the same status as the départements on the mainland:
237 GF French Guiana FR
238 GP Guadeloupe FR
239 MQ Martinique FR
240 RE Reunion FR

ISO3166 has 240 entries.

230 of these are inhabited, 10 are uninhabited.

E: United Kingdom

For some reason, three geographical entities are not listed in ISO 3166, being comprised under the code GB, although they definitely not belong to the "United Kingdom":
-(*) England
241 Scotland
242 Wales
243 Northern Ireland
244 GG Guernsey
245 IM Isle of Man
246 JE Jersey

Of these 246, 10 are uninhabited.

(*) If England is counted, then Great Britain (or the United Kingdom) cannot.

F: Territories recognised by the United Nations

In addition to the ISO list and the crown dependencies listed above, the United Nations recognises the existence of the following territories:

PT: external territories of Portugal
247 PT Azores external parts of Portugal
248 PT Madeira

UM: the islands that are grouped into the ISO code for the US Minor Outlying Islands (UM) are counted separately in the UNO list:
Most of these islands lie in the Pacific Ocean, Navassa is an island in the Carribean:
(*) UM Johnston Atoll US
249 UM Midway Island US
250 UM Wake Island US

Of these 250,12 are uninhabited

G: Territories with a ISO-code

The following are external territories that are usually included in the main entity, but that have received an "exceptionally reserved" ISO-3166 code:
251 EA Ceuta, Melilla parts of Spain
252 IC Canary Islands part of Spain
253 AC Ascension Island part of Saint Helena
254 TA Tristan da Cunha part of Saint Helena

242 inhabited and 12 uninhabited countries.

I: Countries only recognised by TCC

There exists a club called TCC, the Travelers' Century Club, of which you can become a member once you have visited 100 countries. They keep an official list, which includes 315 countries. Countries are included when they are "removed from parent, either geographically, politically or ethnologically". Their list includes the following entities, not yet listed above:

They list subdivisions for the following countries: Bosnia & Herzegovina, Indonesia, Serbia & Montenegro, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom (see above), Antarctica

(*) Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina Bosnia & Herzegovina 2,300,000 inh.
255 Republika Srpska Bosnia & Herzegovina 1,400,000 inh.
(*) Indonesia (Java) Indonesia
256 Irian Jaya (West New Guinea) Indonesia
257 Kalimantan (Southern Borneo) Indonesia
258 Lesser Sunda Islands (Bali, Timor) Indonesia
259 Moluka Indonesia
260 Sulawesi (Celebes) Indonesia
261 Sumatra (Indonesia) Indonesia
(*) Serbia Serbia and Montenegro 5,500,000 inh.
262 Kosovo Serbia and Montenegro 1,900,000 inh.
263 Montenegro Serbia and Montenegro 700,000 inh.
(*) Abu Dhabi
264 Ajman
265 Dubai
266 Fujairah
267 Ras al-Khaimah
268 Sharjah
269 Umm al-Qaiwain
(*) Argentine South Pole
270 Chilean South Pole
271 New Zealand South Pole (Ross Dependency)

2 of these (the Antarctic regions) are uninhabited, so there are 257 inhabited and 15 uninhabited countries.

The following are territories that are separate from the rest of the nation: (well settled territories)
The TCC take a mere separation into account, the DCXX (see below) ask for a separation of 100 km.

272 Tasmania Australia 240 km south of Australia, 484,000 inh.
273 Nakhichevan Azerbaijan separated from the rest of Azerbaijan by 50 km of Armenia, 363000 inh.
274 Prince Edward Island Canada 13 km of New Brunswick, 140,000 inh.
275 Hainan Island China 30 km south of mainland China, 8,100,000 inh.
276 San Andres & Providencia Colombia 750 km north of Colombia (150 km east of Nicaragua)
75000 inh.
277 Galapagos islands Ecuador 600 km west of Ecuador, 15000 inh.
278 Corsica France 200 km southeast of France, 275,000 inh
279 Saint Martin (Fr.), St-Barthelémy Guadeloupe 37000 inh.
280 Dodecanese Greece Islands to the east of Greece
281 Crete Greece Island to the south of Greece
282 Ionian Islands (Corfu, etc.) Greece Islands to the west of Greece
283 Andaman & Nicobar Islands India 950 km to the east of India, 350,000 inh.
284 Lakshadweep Islands India 200 km to the west of India, 60,000 inh.
285 Sardinia Italy 200 km to the west of Italy
286 Sicily Italy close to the South tip of Italy
287 Ryukyu Islands Japan Okinawa is far from Japan, but the Islands extend to Japan itself
288 Sabah Malaysia on the island of Borneo, 2,500,000 inh.
289 Sarawak Malaysia on the island of Borneo, 2,200,000 inh.
290 Rodrigues Mauritius 560 km east of and dependency of Mauritius, 36,000 inh
(*) Bonaire,
Netherlands Antilles Quite separate locations
291 Sint-Maarten,
Netherlands Antilles
292 Bismark Archipelago Papua New Guinea to the east of the island of New Guinea
(*) European Russia Russia
293 Kaliningrad Russia separated from main part by Lithuania and Belarus
1,000,000 inh.
294 Asiatic Russia Russia
295 Balearic Islands Spain 100 km east of Spain
(*) Tanganyika Tanzania 33,500,000 inh.
296 Zanzibar and Pemba Tanzania 900,000 inh.
(*) Turkey in Europe Turkey
297 Turkey in Asia Turkey
(*) Continental US USA Very far apart geographically
298 Alaska USA
299 Hawaii USA

The following islands have small populations
300 Lord Howe Island Australia 550 km east of, and part of, New South Wales
350 inhabitants and maximum 400 tourists
301 Fernando de Noronha Brazil 350 km east of Brazil, part of Pernambuco, 2000 inh.
302 Easter Island Chile 3000 km west of Chile, 3000 inh.
303 Juan Fernandez Islands Chile 700 km west of Chile, 500 inh.
304 Marquesas Islands French Polynesia 1600 km northeast of Tahiti, 8700 inh.
305 Lampedusa Italy 200 km south of Sicily, 5300 inh.
(*) West Kiribati (Gilbert Islands) Kiribati main part of Kiribati
306 Central & East Kiribati (Phoenix/Line Islands) Kiribati 6000 inh.
307 Chatham Island New Zealand territory of New Zealand
308 Zil Elwannyen Sesel (Aldabra, Farquhar, Amirante Is.) Seychelles

This brings the total to 294 inhabited and 14 uninhabited countries

uninhabited islands
309 Ogasawara Japan Bonin Islands, 1000 km south of Japan

This brings the total to 294 inhabited and 15 uninhabited countries

The following are countries that are de facto independent, which means that the central government cannot exercise control over their territory:
310 Northern Cyprus Cyprus
311 Transdnistria (Eastern Moldavia) Moldavia
312 Somaliland (Northern Somalia) Somalia

The following are traditional countries, now (more or less disputed) part of a larger country:
313 Tibet China
314 Kashmir India &
315 Sikkim India

The TCC list has 300 inhabited and 15 uninhabited countries.

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