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Orders with swords Croix de Guerre WW2 Resistance Medal
Chivalry Orders with crossed swords on the ribbon The War Cross 1940-1945 The Resistance Medal 1940-1945


Political Prisoners Medal Civil Decoration 1st Class Evader's Cross
The Political Prisoner's Cross 1940-1945 The Civil Decoration 1940-1945 The Evader's Cross 1940-1945


Belgian Gratitude Medal Volunteer Medal Commemorative War Medal
The Medal of Belgian Gratitude 1940-1945 The Volunteer Medal 1940-1945 The Commemorative Medal of the War 1940-1945


POW Medal Maritime Medal Abyssinian Campaign Medal
The Prisoner of War Medal 1940-1945 The Maritime Medal 1940-1945 The Commemorative Medal of the Abyssinian Campaign


African War Medal Civil Resistance Medal Defaulters' Medal
The African War Medal 1940-1945 The Civil Resistance Medal The Defaulters' Medal


Colonial War Effort Medal Military Fighter Medal Annexed Territories Resistance Medal
The Medal for Colonial War Effort 1940-1945 The Medal for the Military Fighter of the War 1940-1945 The Medal for the Resistant against Nazism in the Annexated Territories


Red Cross Honour Cross

Red Cross Palms

The Cross of Honour of the Belgian Red Cross 1940-1945 The Bronze Palmes of the Belgian Red Cross 1940-1945 Recruiting Centres Medals


Jewish Political Prisoner Medal Forced Labour Deportees Medal Civilian Invalid Medal
Medal of the Jewish Political Prisoner Medal of the Deportees for Forced Labour The Civilian Invalid 1940-1945 Medal
Deportees Medal
The Deportees' Medal (unofficial)


Collaboration awards



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