The 2003 / 2004 Season

Zanji Irabi H.e.B. started the new season very well by winning the "Askalam" trophy (October 2003):

while Wallaby´s Sahr as-Saga won "Course of the Day"

At the next meeting, in November 2003, Zanji went on to win the "Michael Lyne Trophy" for the second time!

On this occasion she also received the "Victor Henderson Trophy", for the best cumulative results over the whole 2002/2003 season:

Last but not least, B'Kohinoor H.e.B. was initiated to the Coursing scene; he came 2d (Runner up) in the "Lady Gardener Puppy Stakes":

"Kohi" (front) in slips for the final, with Tareefa Ruweis al Firdous.


The year got off to a good start, with Ani Jericho finishing as Runner-Up for the Beverley Cup. Chubasco Boomerang won "Course of the day".

Early February we participated in the "Yehudi Trophy Stakes" which was won by Zanji Irabi Hadi el Basher, her third win this season!

Jerry got "Course of the day" at the Yehudi.


Both Jerry and Zanji were nominated for the "Cleve" 

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