"From Puppy to Champion"

In the following pages we would like to show you how the many Champions bred and/or owned by Hadi el Basher developed. 

Some of these are "Auto Thumbnails", if you like to see more, just click on its picture!


1. Anisa (Inanna Tal Amal x Zenarius Alluzen) born 18.8.89

 Dutch Coursing Champion, Owner: T. Krol

Anisapuppy.jpg (14675 bytes)   Anisa2years.jpg (18954 bytes)   AnisaOct2.jpg (8666 bytes)

2. Afriti Wahed, German Ch., owned by Breeder

Afritipuppy.jpg (21655 bytes)        Afriti3years.jpg (28390 bytes)        Afriti7years.jpg (22249 bytes)

3. Barama Ngolo, Dutch, German & French Ch.

(Ch. Aulad al Sahra's 'H' Yaylun x Ch. Al Hara's Dschadaan)

Born 5.3.90. Owner Drs. J.H. van der Lichte

Ngolopuppy.jpg (38842 bytes)        Ngolo3years.jpg (29419 bytes)        Baramangolo.jpg (34303 bytes)

4. Bemoy Yaydan, Dutch, Belgian, French Ch. & Lauréat Beauté et Performance, Owner Dr. P. Thiery (F)

Bemoypuppy.jpg (29378 bytes)        Bemoyslag.jpg (35637 bytes)        Yaydan1.jpg (32680 bytes)

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