Open Field Coursing


This winter (2002/2003), we were very lucky to have once more the opportunity to test some of our dogs in the real thing: Open Field Coursing in England (SGHC)

In particular our Zanji Irabi Hadi el Basher did very well: She won the

 "Victor Henderson Trophy"

 which is awarded for the highest number of individual courses won during the whole season. Here is how it went:

The Michael Lyne Trophy

Wallaby's Sahr As-Saga and Zanji Irabi H. e. B. in slips for the final.

Zanji won the Trophy, while runner-up Saga received a Michael Lyne painting.

Chubasco Boomerang was beaten in the semi-final by Saga, but won Course of the Day.

The Kerrison

MultiCh. Ghazayyal Hadi el Basher in action.


Ghazayyal and Zanji in slips for the final (right).


The Michael Lyne painting went to runner-up Ch. Ghazayyal H.e.B while the Kerrison Trophy was won by Zanji Irabi H.e.B.

(Kerrison Photos: Sylvie Couneson)

The Cleve 2003

Both our Wallaby's Sahr As-Saga and Zanji Irabi H.e.B. were nominated.

Zanji on her way for the Cleve Plate, where she was narrowly beaten in the final.


Zanji ran 5 long courses that day! Here she is resting with her nominator and proudly showing off her hare... ready for The Next Season!


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