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The International Jousting League  currently focuses on 5 types of equestrian activities.

- The Joust Division
- The Behourdium Division
- The Skill at Arms Division
The Mounted Archery Division
- The Historical Division

ffiliated tournaments can host any division described in its affiliation file. No division is considered superior to another since the activity content is different.


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JOUSTING : two armoured riders engage simultaneously in a fair confrontation
with the goal of breaking a lance on their opponent.
Target zone, points awarded,  lance and armours specifications may vary from one tournament to another according to organizer's choice.

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BEHOURDIUM : riders compete in various events where physical contact may occur. Behourdium is regarded as training for martial confrontation with other riders and does not require the use of full armour.
(Already existing : Crest melee,bareback pillow fight, amateur jousting with soft lances...)

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SKILL at ARMS : riders take on various challenges where no physical contact is involved. (Rings, tent pegging, quintain, spear throw, speed racing...)

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HORSEBACK ARCHERY : riders compete in various types of archery challenge including standing or moving targets, multiple target course...

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HISTORICAL DIVISION : participants engage in a competition about re-enacting with highest accuracy specific elements of chivalric culture. Any of the sport divisions activities can be performed with the utmost respect for the historical tradition and combined with...
- Arts : Poetry, Danse, Calligraphy...
- Equipment : Armour, Encampement, Clothing...

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