LogoICL.jpg (55779 octets)The founders of the International Combat League strongly agree upon "the fewest regulations possible policy !"
It is  paramount that the affiliates keep control of what they want to achieve with their participation in our activities.

All protocol rules are intended to facilitate the running of an event. Organizers have the options to :
- Create their own set of regulations
  (or copy existing ones)
- Use their own crew to run the event
  (or request assistance)
- Run "open" or "invitational" events
-  ... 


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ICL Secretary -


1.1.        Affiliate: An Affiliate is an individual who’s filled and signed ICL Individual Affiliation File. Affiliate must be at least 16 years of age. Form request and written resignation can be sent at any time to ICL Secretary. Affiliates are listed on ICL web page. Only ICL Affiliates are eligible for ICL Ranking. ICL Affiliation is FREE of charge.

: Competitor is an ICL Affiliate competing in a ICL Tournament. Competitor must be at least 18 years of age.

             Gender segregation
: ICL will operate NO gender segregation. Equipment and dress code restrictions may apply for competitors.

1.2.       A ICL Tournament is a competition enforcing rules for one or more ICL divisions. Tournaments may be local, national or international. Only international tournaments with minimum of 8 competitors from minimum 3 nations will qualify for ICL ranking.

1.3.       Divisions dictate the equipment and the rules to be enforced:
-        The Armoured Combat Division (Early Armour Section, Late Armour Section)
-        The Unarmoured Division (Unarmoured Section, Unarmed Section)
-        The Historical Division.

1.4        The Appellant is the person organizing a tournament. He is responsible for filing the ICL Tournament Affiliation File, as well as, insuring compliance of the event with said affiliation file.

1.5        The King of Arms (KOA) is in charge of enforcing regulations and managing the Marshalling crew. KOA is designated by the Appellant. His name is to appear in the Tournament Affiliation File.

1.6        The Marshalling Crew (MC) is designated by the Appellant. Names are to appear in the ICL Tournament Affiliation File. Marshalls can be responsible for general or specific aspects of the competition according to the Appellant’s choice. In addition to KOA there will always be a minimum of 2 additional Marshalls. MC will never be competitors in the event.

1.7.       The Herald insures public communication during the tournament. Competitors, KOA use ONLY the Herald to address the public.

1.8.       ICL Boards and Colleges

1.8.1.     The Board of Representatives (BOR) is the gathering of affiliates representing others. Any group with more than 8 affiliates is automatically entitled 1 BOR. Independent/isolated affiliates may regroup to be represented by 1 BOR.

1.8.2.     The Board of Auditors (BOA) is the gathering of ICL Affiliates mandated to audit ICL events. Auditors are voted by ICL BOR. Operating Auditor for an ICL event is chosen by event Organizer. The Auditor submits results within an Auditor Report File. The Auditor cannot be a member of the Appellant group nor the Marshalling crew.

1.8.3      The College of Justice (CJ) may be gathered when a claim is raised at an event. The CJ consists of the Appellant, KOA, ICL Auditor and attending ICL BOR. The party calling for CJ gathering is to deposit 50 € caution by the ICL Auditor on site before the claim is examined within 30 minutes. Should the claim be settled in favour of the plaintiff the deposit is to be returned. Should the claim be disregarded the deposit can be returned or donated to charity.

1.9        The Individual Affiliation Form (IAF) is a form collecting individual detail from ICL affiliate. Information collected is used for ICL secretary duties only and is not to be communicated to any other party. IAF request can be sent to ICL Secretary. ICL Auditor on site can be handed out IAF for immediate affiliation PRIOR to any event. IAF consists in Appendix 1 to the present.

1.10       The Tournament Affiliation File (TAF) is a form collecting all information regarding the organization of a specific tournament.
TAF consists in Appendix 2 to the present.

1.11       The Auditor Report File (ARF) is a compilation of events results, TAF comparison checklists and Auditor comments to be sent to BOR after the tournament was run. ARF is used to compile ranking. ARF consists in Appendix 3 to the present.

2.            APPELLANT’s DUTIES

2.1.Appellant is to send TAF to ICL Secretary at least 2 months prior to hosting the event.
2.2 Appellant is in charge of designating KOA, MC and Herald.
2.3 Appellant is in charge of organizing tournament secretary and communication board.
2.4 Appellant is in charge of listing competitors and provide them with any service described in the TAF.
2.5 Appellant is responsible for providing the KOA and MC with competitor’s listing and necessary tools to perform their own duties.
2.5.1 Competition arena must be established on non-slippery and even ground. The minimal size is 8 X 8 meters (25 feet x 25 feet). The arena will be double fenced with a 2 meters wide neutral zone between competitors and spectators.
2.6 Appellant is responsible for providing collective weaponry.
2.7 Appellant is in charge of third party insurance coverage for public and visitors.
2.8 Appellant is in charge of collecting participants’ insurance details for third party liability or personal damage. Appellant can propose participants additional insurance coverage.
2.9 Appellant is in charge of evacuation policy, medical emergency and first aid for visitors and competitors.
2.10 Appellant is responsible for compliance legal and safety regulation of the tournament site.
2.11 Appellant is responsible for the organization of any ceremony: opening ceremony, award ceremony, closing ceremony…

3.1 KOA is in charge of enforcing rules and assessing penalties during whole Tournament.
3.2 KOA is in charge of managing the MC and the competitors in the best interest of the Tournament.
3.3 KOA takes responsibility for all MC decision. When in doubt, KOA can confer with ICL Auditor and/or Appellant.
3.4 KOA is in charge of weaponry and protective equipment inspection before the start of the competition. He simply controls that Appellant’s requirement are met. Competitors are responsible for equipment maintenance.
3.5 KOA inspects the competition ground prior to each session and gathers the necessary collective equipment.
3.6 KOA officiates upon scheduled timing unless the Appellant notify a modification.
3.7 KOA is in charge of enforcing penalties: penalties range from plain warning to disqualification from the event. Repeated offence will automatically receive higher penalty.
3.8 KOA is in charge of collecting all results and handing them to IJL Auditor on site at the end of the Tournament.

4.1.     All ICL BOR decisions are subject to a 10 days examination period through the ICL online procedure.
4.2 All decision valid with a majority of BOR votes.
4.3 ICL BOR examines :
- ICL regulations
- ICL Auditor Nomination / Revocation
- Revocation of an ICL Affiliate
- Revocation of ICL BOR member
- TAF submitted by organizers
- Affiliation removal according to ICL Auditor recommendation

5.1.     ICL Auditor attends the tournament to represent IJL BOR and insure that the unfolding of the event meets all aspects of the TAF.
5.2 ICL Auditor can receive new affiliation forms from competitors before the start of the Tournament.
5.3 ICL Auditor participates in ceremonies in the name of IJL BOR
5.4 ICL Auditor takes part in the CJ when a claim is raised at a Tournament.
5.5 ICL Auditors fills a ARF to submit results, penalties and his observations to the ICL BOR for Tournament validation.

6.1.     In case of a claim raised by any party involved, the CJ will gather Appellant, KOA, ICL Auditor and attending BOR members within 30 minutes.
6.2 The party raising the claim is required to deposit 50 € cash.
ICL Auditor will hold the deposit until the case is closed.
6.3 If no answer or guideline can be found in ICL literature (event rules, ICL rules and protocol, ICL Web page) then CJ will determine what the ICL policy is on the case.
6.4 CJ will keep in mind that the decision will be fair to all participants, even those not attending the current event, as it may be used in the future as an ICL guideline.
6.5 ICL Auditors will copy the decision in ARF for information of ICL BOR.
6.6 If the plaintiff is granted a favourable decision, the cash deposit is returned. If the plaintiff is not granted a favourable decision the CJ can return the cash deposit or give it to charity. Decision is to be noted in ARF.

7.1.    TAF is compiled by the Appellant and submitted to ICL BOR for a 10 days evaluation period at least 2 months prior to the event.
7.2 TAF consists of :
- Administrative data :
date, place, Appellant details, beneficiaries details
- Logistics data :
Accommodation, meals, transportation assistance, provided services and self supported services, direction to site and other relevant places, Optional accommodation directory, currency
- Competition data :
Division(s) organized, specific rules, specific requirements, schedule, KOA and MC designation
- Registration policy : invitational, inquiry…
7.3 Digital TAF can be obtained from ICL Secretary

8.1.    ARF is compiled by the ICL Auditor and submitted to ICL BOR for a 10 days evaluation period within 2 weeks after the event.
8.2 ARF consists of:
- Administrative data compliance check list.
- Event results signed by KOA and Appellant
- PENALTIES and CJ decisions
- Auditor personal evaluation of: SAFETY, FAIRNESS, ICL GUIDELINES
8.3 Digital ARF can be obtained from ICL Secretary

9.       ICL RANKING
9.1 The ranking is a presentation of the participation and results of ICL Affiliates in ICL Tournaments.
9.2 Ranking is awarded from first participation and is computed after each event. Points collected are valid for 2 years.
9.3 Ranking is computed per Division
According to definitions in "Divisions" chapter of the web site
-        The Armoured Combat Division,
-        The Unarmoured Division,
-        The Historical Division.
9.4 Points distribution
Points are awarded for ICL Tournaments gathering a minimum of 8 IJL affiliates from minimum 3 nations 
- 8 points for placing 1st
- 6 points for placing 2nd
- 4 points for placing 3rd
- 2 points for all others
   participating in the division
- 1 bonus point is awarded per
  competitor placed behind in
  the same division.
9.5 Ranking is an average of points collected through last 2 years of participation in ICL Tournaments.
9.6 Ranking presentation:
- Participation :  ranking first presents competitors with highest participation in ICL events. This is no indication of their value but indicates higher availability to attend events.
"Max value" represents the number of ICL affiliated event during the last 2 years.
- Points:  ranking presents competitors' average points gain per event.   A higher average indicates good average placement in the standings of the attended events or a participation in fewer large events.
- Bonus points depend directly of the number of participants in entered events. The more competitors = the more points but also the more risks in case of poor performance.
9.7 ICL RANKING latest edition is published on ICL web page.