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The International Combat League  currently focuses on 3 types of combat activities.

- The Armoured Combat Division
- The Unarmoured Combat Division
- The Historical Division

ffiliated tournaments can host any division described in its affiliation file. No division is considered superior to another since the activity content is different.



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HISTORICAL DIVISION : participants engage in a competition about re-enacting with highest accuracy specific elements of european culture. Any of the sport divisions activities can be performed with the utmost respect for the historical tradition and combined with...
- Arts : Poetry, Danse, Calligraphy...
- Equipment : Armour, Encampement, Clothing...

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ARMOURED COMBAT : armoured combatants engage in a fair confrontation with the goal of defeating their opponent. Target zone, points awarded,  weapons and armours specifications may vary from one tournament to another according to organizer's choice.

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UNARMOURED COMBAT : unarmoured combatants engage in a fair confrontation with the goal of defeating their opponent within a rule frame that does not require the use of full armour.
(Protective equipment might still be required : fencing mask, padded jacket...)

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