Domingo Smets, who played the guitar in bands such as Agathocles, Renaissance and played keyboards in Ancient Rites, was thinking of starting a solo project in order to give attention to his creative musical ideas. These previous bands had already given him a small amount of experience. He played with the band Agathocles, a Belgian grind-core band, for a couple of years and did some gigs with bands such as Blood, SamaŽl, etc... He also did a few gigs in Denmark and Germany. No gigs were planned by Renaissance due to the fact that they had only recorded and released a few songs. One song was released as a split-single with Ancient Rites. Domingo did two European tours together with this last band alongside bands such as Deicide, Rotting Christ, Behemoth, Aeturnus, Six feet Under, etc... and went to Israel once to do a gig with Salem.

In September of 2001 he decided to leave the idea of a solo project behind him and began to look out for other musicians. Searching for a guitar player, he found Kristof de Greef, the active bass player of Axamenta, a Belgian dark-metal band, Kristof had done some gigs with his previous band Aegrimonia, a black-metal band and once they played together with After Forever. They rehearsed together a few times and experimented with music and voices and discovered that Kristof's grunt was the voice they were looking for. Afterwards Kristof decided to do only the vocals and not to play the guitar on stage. A few songs were created.  

In March of 2002 Caroline Bruynseels, a female vocalist, came knocking on the door. After the audition it was obvious that she fitted in the band, because of the perfect match with the other musicians. No lyrics had been written so far, therefore Caroline proposed to write down her passions and emotions and use them as lyrics for their music.

After rehearsing for several months, Gracefallen started recording its first MCD in the studio, including 4 songs and an intro. As they had not yet found a drummer at this time, namely November 2002, they searched for a guest musician to drum on the MCD. At the end this quest was not necessary anymore, because drummer Frederik van Mieghem arrived just in time. Frederik had just left Axamenta when Gracefallen ran into him. He decided to join the band in October 2002, when the music of Gracefallen convinced him that he fitted with the band. Frederik had gained a lot of experience by playing in Axamenta and playing with bands such as After Forever, Grief of Emerald, Dance Macabre,...


Now the MCD was ready for sale and they were actively searching for a record company to support them on their further path...


In April 2003, Fritz Brinkman joined forces and took the second guitar at hand. Fritz once played in a band called Decision D a couple years ago. His music has a progressive style which makes that Gracefallen can create a mixture of different styles.


In April 2004, after two years they had to stop their coŲperation with Caroline because of musical differences.


After holding several auditions to find a suitable soprano with a professional attitude and some experience to bring back Gracefallen to full force, Irene Visser arrived at the scene. Her clear melancholic voice sounded perfect with the music of Gracefallen.

Gracefallen is ready to make a lasting impact. Prepare  to fall from grace!