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Z project

I have been disapointed by the Zillions-of-Games pre-precessor. In one of my early attempt to write games in the ZRF language, I found bug in the language and some of those where related to the macro/comment processing.

The pre-processor of Zillions-of-Games is not available as a separate program, but is build into the abstract game engine. However if you find a way to recover temporary file, it seems that Zillions save the pre-processed information into a file that is very soon deleted. This information was assumed when user started to complain that Zillions don't work very well when the C drive is full.

The goal of this project is to write a pre-processor that will take as input a ZRF (Zillions Rule File) and do the macro processing, remove the comment and all of those small things to generate a compatible, bigger ZRF file wich describe the same game.

Now this could be seen as a ZRF Obfuscator, or a waste of space and time. But I hope to be able to make that ZRF pre-processor better than the original. I would like to offer extra feature not supported by Zillions but that do not require any change to the core language.

Currently the project is on hold. I have some code working, but I want to clean it first. I need to remove any reference to feature I do not want to make public yet. Also I need to make sure all the code is actually mine.

Some of the feature I wanted to add are now available inside Zillions-of-Games, like the multiple grid. However there are more things that can be done. I am welcome to any idea you have on feature you would like to see added to the pre-processing of Zillions-of-Games language. I am only able to translate a enhanced ZRF file into a ZRF file were macro are removed, where grid are translated into position and link. So do not expect too much from this project yet. I could also add loops like a foreach and some other stuff of that kind. But I have no way to modify the internal behaviour of the ZRF engine.

Soon or later you will find here the description of the macro processing language, source code, maybe binary package for windows (I am mostly working on Linux now). But currently I moved to higher priority project like LCDproc and Play-by-email. Of course all source code will be available as GPL free and open.

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