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Pages about Steganography

I don't need to hide the fact that I am interested into trying to hide data into data. More than cryptography, steganography is your secret weapon to communicate freely.

As an archievement to my interest into this subject, with the help of a friend, we develop a program that implement a new (or at least not implemented yet) steganographic method.

You can check one of those pages

SteganoGifPaletteOrder : 'This is not a pipe' but a program that implement a steganographic method.
Stéganographie : This is an article publish in french in the SAETO Newsletter.

Many thanks to Neil Johnson [njohnson@gmu.edu] for Steganography page: A repository of information on the state of the Steganographic art. (The nice icon I use for this page is "inspired" from this web site).

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