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Get me to a random place

There are plenty of thing on the web that you can not do without the help of your own server to run a program on that side. Your "Internet Service Provider" or "Internet Hosting Provider" might offer you value added services, but it is more likely that you won't be abble to run you own code on it's server.

There are many other option into running the code on the client side. You can use Java to run client-side applet, you can use javascript or any other scripting langage. But then you always rely on the client support for that langage.

Still you are limited because you can not remember thing between sessions and your access to the network with java is limited for security reason.

So you will more likely focus on client side developpement. I wanted a random link generator so that one can click and get to a random location on my web page. To do that I did use client side clickable map wich is now supported by most client. Also this can be use or test off-line.

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