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History of my email addresse

Hello, I am David GLAUDE from Belgium.

I have been using the internet for more than ten years now. In that among of time I have had many email addresse. Some of my program, documents and message contain previous address and some peaple may try to reach me using one of those oldies. This page is for history but is also an attempt to help someone looking for me.

Once I was:
dglaude$ulb.ac.be : My first e-mail at university.
dglaude$vub.ac.be : The dutch speaking university sharing our computer.
dglaude$is1.ulb.ac.be : University, this email is in linux kernel.
dglaude$irisnet.be : My first job.
dglaude$cirb.irisnet.be : I was postmaster so anything was working.
dglaude$comtech.be : My second company.
dglaude$netbrain.be : Same company by a new brand for our team.
david.glaude$eu.didata.com : We have been aquired so rebranding.

Once I realised that my e-mail address would keep changing again and again, even while staying inside the same company, I started to use redirector.
So I am also:
dglaude$geocities.com : The first company to host my homepage.
dglaude$yahoo.com : Yahoo made the aquisition of geocities.
glu$who.net : I loved that one... but iname want me to pay for it.

Having trouble to deal with information overload and in order to avoid receaving too much in my company mailbox I started to write alternative email address for special purpose.
So I am also:
dglaude$gmx.com : I use that for playing by email.
mailingdglaude$gmx.com : I use that to register to many mailing list.

Now I am paying for my internet connectivity I will have new email address.
It is going to look like:
?????$skynet.be : I still need to choose the right alias.

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