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My Linux minded GSM

Somehow, I start to see Penguin more and more all over the place. It might be that I am more sensitive to Penguin now that Linux use that as a logo, but even if this could emplify the effect, there is something. Here in Belgium, I see more and more Penguin in advertisement campain. I see toy for baby with Penguin rather than Bear.

My new celular phone had to be customise and personalise. In order to remember everyday about Linux, even the day I don't boot one, I choose to transform my GSM into a Linux one. Or should I say a Penguin one.

To be or not to be GEEK

Definitively, having a Penguin GSM is a nice way to introduce a conversation with another geek. It is an external symbole of your favor for open software and free operation system. And the nice thing about this new must have item, is that it did not cost the price of all those Gadget I have, like my Linux powered iPaq from Compaq.

Pictures are more than thousand words

Front cover closed

Front cover open

Front closeup

Front closeup splash screen

Back cover

Here are the logo to be able to transform your nokia too

Splash logo

Operator logo


Q: How do I put those logo on my phone
R: I don't know, I personaly used a cable. It might be possible to do it via SMS, but I don't know how. You may need/want to use a windows platform to send that picture to your phone. I am welcome to receave feedback from you concearning those other possibilities.

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