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This page is a Work In Progress, don't expect anything interesting.

My contribution to LCDProc

I have a bit contributed to LCDproc. Mainly I did hack the Matrix Orbital driver to support BIG DIGIT. Then I implemented BIG CLOCK as the first use of BIG DIGIT. I made a stupid emulation of BIG DIGIT in the CURSES driver. Then I started to work on IRMAN driver as an input driver. I also made a patch that offer LIRC input driver, but later someone else did the same thing, because my patch was never apply to the distribution if you are using LIRC with LCDproc you are more likely NOT using my code. I also made an attempt to use the I2C bus to access my Matrix Orbital display. It did work and I patched the driver to support that until I broke my I2C bus adapter.

Crystal Fontz

Recently someone from Crystal Fontz offered me to develop a driver for one of their new LCD. It is the CF633. I am currently writing that driver for LCDproc version 0.5. It is working but keyboard support is not implemented yet. Do not hesitate to test it.

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