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My new gadget is an ipaq

My new gadget is an iPaq, and I removed Windows CE from it to install Linux using the familiar distribution. I tested familiar v0.4 for a small among of time. I was unhappy with the lack of good PIM software.

Since I don't have ethernet interface for my iPaq, I used another linux (on a desktop) and a serial cable to provide me internet connectivity with IP over PPP. I is still almost useless with Linux Operating system on it, or at least it is not as usefull as with windows CE, but new software will change that.

I hope to use this small toy as a security audit tool. I will need to aquire an PCMCIA sleeve and an ethernet card. Waiting for that time and big investment, I need to choose if I need some more space for software. One option would be to have a hard drive and install the intimate distribution. Having that I will need to use a keyboard to have a really portable and non noisy small linux development platform. And this is what I dream of. But this is a lot of money, so I need to think twice before doing that step.

I have another possible use for my iPaq. I could use it as a LCD for the lcdproc project. It appear that am not the only LCDproc developper with an iPaq. Native compilation of LCDd on the iPaq has already been done. The only thing we miss is a native driver that display on the iPaq screen. Maybe there need a iPaq program running that talk with the LCDproc accross TCP/IP connection. This will permit more flexibility than simply emulate Matrix Orbital LCD on the serial port of the iPaq. Please join us on LCDproc mailing list if you want to participate in that part of the project.

After my first install of familiar v0.4, I have reinstall Windows CE. A few days latter I have re-install familiar, but this time v0.5. There is still no good PIM for me, but it is more and more easy to install familiar, and I start to get control of my box.

If you have any suggest to make my iPaq more usefull to me, do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks.

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