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David GLAUDE's new Home Page

My home page as been hosted for a very long time at Geocities.
Later it was also hosted at Freeservers. While Geocities became my printer friendly version.
But very recently both free web hosting provider choosed to block ftp access and to only let me use the web interface for updating my site (or I have to pay).
You use to be able to contact me at the following address: glu at who dot net.
But iname choose to make mail redirection non-free anymore. So currently, you can not reach me, except if you know me.
After years of internet for free, I choosed to pay for it but at higher speed.
I am now bounded by contract for a year with a service provider. But he offer me a lot of megabyte for hosting my site. So I am on the move again and this is my new home.
I will have to find a way to tell everybody about my new address and redirect those that still go to the previous address.

This is my new home...

I am making my migration to PNG

I have started to hack the source code of htp in ordre to be able to support the PNG file format. Other features have been added to respond to my special need.

More or less recent pages:
Work in Progress: Pages really unfinish but that I might complete.
Play By eMail: A page on Richard's Play by eMail server and other alternative.
Z project: My project of building a pre-processor for Zillions-of-Games ZRF files.
The Meta Ace of Penguins Project: A page on my Meta-Solitaire game project.
My Linux GSM: A page on the geek gadget I always ware on me.
My eMail: List of all may eMail address (past and futur).
Zenix: Gigamic say yes to PBeM implementation so here is mine to play on Richard PBeM server.
Boku: Added a piece of code to play on Richard PBeM server.

Click anywhere to 'randomly' go somewhere

I am very proud of this serverless scriptless trick.

How to browse my site

At the top of the page, you will find the top level topics. Just click one one of them and you will be able to read all about that topic and reach sub-topic.

At the left of the page you find level two topics related to the page you are on. When you wach the home page, you have there all the sub-topic graphics. It might take some time to be downloaded, but later-on your cache will have them if you continue visiting. One interesting thing is that a give page might be cross topic and thus reachable from more than one level one topic.

Each page should have unique icons, one small of 50 by 50 pixels and one big of 75 by 75 that is only visible when you visit that subject or sub-subject. Also on each page you should have a background graphic, a short and long bar that visualy separate the content from the browsing item. For more information on this design on this page or the tool I use to do it on this one.

Top level subject you can reach from here

Cercle Informatique: Page about my student club.
Electronic Fontiere: White page, money and voting.
Games: Abstract and non abstract games I like and play.
Steganography: Discution on hiding information.
Télématique et organisation: Some papers in french.
Various: all and everything.
Home Page de Valerie Devriendt: Home page of the mother of my child.
Work in Progress: Many pages not even started.
Game of Z: All page related to Zillions-of-Games.

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