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Things about GIPF

Yet an other game for two players. It seems that I am good at this kind of game. GIPF is quiet an interesting game were everything is yet to be invented.

I could have been rich

There was a GIPF competition once. This was six month after the game was first presented to the public. It took me quite some time to have my copy of the game (I did of course create my own version). The winner of this competition was to win 100.000 BEF wich is a lot of money.

As ussual with games, it was difficult for me to find somebody ready to play with me. And if fact, I never have use my GIPF game. So I decided no to go to the competition. It was only a few month later that at an other competition in Brussels I was able two play GIPF with good player. And guess what, I did win every game I started !

Now what, could I have win the other competition ? I will never know. At least now I know that I am good at games even when it is the first time I play. And most of all I have win a GIPF T-Shirt and Cap. I will try to find somebody to play GIPF with, so that next time there is something to win, I will.

Make sure you have a look at this new game, it is really an intersting game.

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