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From here I can visit my friend on the internet.

HTTP colon slash slash WWW dot brol dot com slash tild machin slash index dot html. Well, an Home page URL is one of the most dificult think to remember on the internet. That's why we have link, to get fast access to a to long to remember Universal Resource Locator.

NEWS: Link exchange program

In exchange for a link to my page I will link your page. Please contact me.

Real Friends

A real friend is someone I know, who knows me and that I see from time to time.

Alice Devillers
Darius Blasband
David Glaude
Laurent Franck
Lionel Ferette
Olivier Bosschem
Laurent Pirotte
Benoît Moreau

Virtual Friends

A virtual friend is someone I am mostly in virtual contact with, someone I have exchange e-mail with and who with I share interest. It does not mean we know each other, just maybe their home page is interesting for me.

Jens Markmann
Oleg Stepanov
Barney Pell

Missing Friends

A missing friend is friend without a home page. But if you are a friend, you have an home page, you should tell me about it. Here is a list of most wanted:

Didier Barzin
Dimitri Ryelandt
Martin Janssens
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