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My first disclaim is to tell you that this page is not complete yet...

Ok, I am the only personne responsible for the information publish in those page. This mean that, my boss or any boss I may have had or will have, shouldn't bother about it.

Take nothing I say as granted. Every effort have been made to double check every bit of information contains on my page, but mistake is human.

Be warned that my page my contain Explicit (to you) Lyrics. By reading some of my page, you might change your mind on certain subjet.

By reading carfully you can also start asking you big questions. So be carefull because you never know when you will find your answers.

Be carefull, those pages are not year 1999 compliant! They may not display, or work, properly if watched before the first january 2000. Any attempt to read those page before that date may proved to be scientificaly impossible.

To be continued...

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