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Diplomacy, the game of international intrigue

Diplomacy is a seven player games, mostly based on... diplomacy. Every move are made simultaneously and there is no hazard in the resolution of the movement.

At one moment in time I was able to play a few game, but the dificult part is to find six friends ready to spend the day (and the night) playing with you. Nowdays, it is possible to play by e-mail accross the internet. But it is very dificult to stay in the game for month and frequently, all have to wait because one is not able to send it's order in time.

To get out of University, I wanted to write (or participate in) a program playing diplomacy. This is a real Artificial inteligence challenge. Unfortunatly the task was: too dificult, not raising a lot of interest, missing so local supporting mentor. So I went for a Routing Protocol study, and now I am stuck in the networking industry.

By the way I discovered that I am a very bad Diplomacy player. I can't cope with bluf, changing aliance, inter-player influance, trust and trahison. I am definitively better at two player abstract games.

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