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Cisco weak password decryption applet

This apple is a quick java port of the cisco password decryption algorithm you can find in C or shell script on the Web.

Applet ready for use

New: Your own offline version.

Now you can download the official off-line version.

You and your family are granted the right to use the unmodified content of this zip file on your local hard disk for field use and educational purpose. Please do not serve this page on your web site and click to see the online version from time to time.

Then use your java enabled browser and open the 'ciscopw.htm' file. Don't forget that your security options for 'local-file' and 'network-downloaded' applet might be different. But if you are here you know about security.

How to use

Well, in the field you have to put the encrypted password, then press Decrypt and you will get the result. You can try it with 094F471A1A0A wich should give you cisco as result.

Use at your own risk, there is no input checking and no warranty on the result.

Everything above was written before the January 15th 1998. It took me two years and 10 e-mails to collect the following Frequently Asked Questions list...


This is the page in my web site that generated the biggest number of questions and requests. Replying to invidual e-mail might take some time so let's answer some here.

First, thank you for letting me know that this page was usefull to you. I would also like to thank the few that pointed out some gap(=bug?) with very long password. The program is not fixed yet, I need to find back the source code first. ;-)

Can I have an off-line version of your program?

NEW: now you can download the official off-line version.

Yes, just download the 'ciscopw.htm' file and the 'cisco.class' file and save them in the same directory. Then use your java enabled browser and open the 'ciscopw.htm' file. Don't forget that your security options for 'local-file' and 'network-downloaded' applet might be different.

Can I get the source code of your applet?

Well, there is absolutely no secret inside. I love open source principle, but I lost the source code myself. So you are free to translate from the class file to the java file (with any reverse enginering tool). You can also try to find a '.c' or a 'unix batch' version of this on www.rootshell.com.

Do you know any other similar tools?

As mention before, you have two version available from 'rootshell', make a search on 'cisco' and 'password'.

I also receaved a Visual Basic version but I am unsure if I am suppose to distribute it, I will contact the author.

I also found a Web site that distribute a small Windows version, but I need to look it up.

Do you have any known problem?

Well, I had once a Mac user having trouble with one of it's browser. My suggest was to use the other browser. I also had trouble with IE 5.0 but I am unable/not wanting to fix.

What can I do to help?

Use it and let other know, send me an e-mail with feedback AND information that I can use to make this page more usefull to other.

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