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This is the latest version of our Gillian Hills discography, dated March 7, 2004.

While there are still some information missing (mainly credits for text and music), we believe we listed almost all Gillian Hills records in the right order.

It should be noted that we will attempt to list the various «pressings» of each record. (This task may well prove to be impossible for a mere human !)

When possible, the information has been collected from the records themselves. As our collections are not (yet) complete, we also had to resort to various other sources. Thanks are due to the authors of these sources.

This discography is the work of members of the «Gillian Hills Appreciation Society». Copies via e-mail or on paper may be obtained from :

Michel FERON, POBox 45, BE-4300 WAREMME / Belgium

A list of Gillian Hills’ pictures is available from the same address.

Please note that, for the time being, we are not sure that modifications and additions to this discography will immediately be reported on our site. Il you want to have the latest version, please ask our official discographer, Michel Feron, at the address above!

Our Gillian Hills discography is divided into 6 parts :

Meanwhile, you may consult  :

the  French version of this discography

our Word version of the discography (in French!)

a complete (we hope!) list of Gillian Hills records

Also available (in French version only for the time being) :

Sorry for the delay!


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