The content of the seven videos will cover the following topics:

  1. History and politics: how has Europe been built up? How is the Arab world gradually regaining its original unity?
  2. Languages, writing, literature, drama and poetry in Europe and the Arab world, both historically and today.
  3. Music, architecture, the plastic arts and film.
  4. Science and technology, the history of the two civilisations and how they have interacted.
  5. The origins of philosophy and the monotheistic religions in the Mediterranean basin; their subsequent history in the world; their specific values.
  6. Mindsets, customs, lifestyles; migrations in Europe and the Arab world, the integration or marginalisation of migrants; the emergence of new cultures.
  7. The future: why it is in our interests to live together, our responsibilities as European and Arab citizens, the possibilities open to us for exchanges and joint projects.