Dissemination of the results obtained and of the experience acquired during the project

Ongoing communication with representatives of the target groups (primary and secondary schools) will prepare the way for dissemination. However, various promotional strategies will be used at the end of the project:

Subsequently, consideration will be given to the possibility of translating the teaching material into other EU languages and disseminating it in countries which have expressed an interest.

Long-term use

By involving primary and secondary school inspectors in the dissemination work, we can ensure that our teaching material has a relatively long product life.

However, our plan is that the project will not stop at that point, but that it will set up ‘reverberations’ in the schools where the videos and booklets are disseminated, in the form of new partnerships between Arab and European schools. The teachers’ booklets will strongly urge the formation of friendly ties with other schools and the exchange of video documents; we thus hope that the content of Gibraltar will be updated on a regular basis.

Our involvement in a Comenius 3 Network should be considered right now in order to ensure that the results of our project have more impact.