GanSan & Tamount Ifassen

« ...C'est un album qui ne permet pas de rester en place. Les rythmes berbères s'imposent, l'énergie du rock libère : on est pris d'une furieuse envie de danser... »

Jean-Claude Van Troyen Le Soir, 28/12/11 http://archives.lesoir.be/gansan-elegie-berbere_t-20111228-01QT2Z.html

« ...Superieure, gepassioneerde wereldfusie van absolute wereldklasse.»

Holly Moors http://www.moorsmagazine.com/muziek/gansan/

« ...A recommended well prepared and inspired jazz record. »

Gerald Van Waes http://www.psychemusic.org/jazz2.html#anchor_273


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This project was born out of the love of an instrument and its sound, the ribeb, and the marriage between it and the soprano saxophone.

This instrument from the region called ‘Souss’ in the south of Morocco, is very similar to the violon but has only one large string, played with a bow, and is held like a guitar! The ribeb is also a specific sound of the berber culture, which carries both huge and small signification in the different steps of berber life.

But first of all, this is a story about people and friendship. Some years ago, during a journey in Morocco, Ludovic met Foulane, a musician from Agadir, and immediately came the desire to create music together. Ever since that time, they’ve searched for opportunities to work together and pass through the borders, reduce the distance. Finally, this recording realises their dream.

To blend such different musical origins is not an easy task but jazz and berber music share common rythmic and narrative melodical ground, which gives an amazing color and dynamic to this band which they decorate with a healthy dose of rock energy!

Six musicians from both sides of the mediterranean sea, and many more fingers, decided to gather and create a new music, beyond style and difference, to find a shorter way to heart. A lot of curiosity, pleasure in discovering and sharing is the background of this project, through the universal language which is music.

In berber language, Tamount ifassen means ‘a meeting of many hands’, and this is really usefull for this project!

The album 'Elegy Berber' was released in November 2011 at Homerecords