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Halle Berry :

Are you single and do you have a fireplace where I can put my Oscar upon?





Nicole Kidman :

Iím tired of Lenny Kravitz and Iím looking for a mature man, who knows what women want and who does not always piss besides the pot. Are you my fairy prince on a white horse?



Catherina Zeta-Jones :

We are looking to replace Antonio Banderas for Zorro 2.

Are you a handsome guy and are you faking when you kiss an actress ?




George W. Bush

I love to play ďDynamit JoeĒ with Saddam. Iím always the sheriff with 6 deputies and Saddam is the outlaw with only one knife. Great game!



Saddam Hussein :

Bush is cheating, but I donít think that Iím telling you something new.



Osama Bean Laden :

I like the title of the game...promising!


By the way, how do you find my new disguise ?





Bill Gates :

Can you come to the States to discuss a partnership ? I donít have such a good souvenir of my last trip to Belgium. There was too much cream on the pie.




Anonymous :

Instead of writing such a crap, could you paint the windows, repair the tap, clean the living room and put your socks in the basket? Besides, this evening I will have headache.

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