Tekstvak: F(requently) A(sked) Q(uestions)*

How do you become a game designer?

      Tell everybody that you are one and before you are aware of it, you start believing it yourself.

How do you design a game?

      Like I should build a house (although I must admit that I have no experience at all). Sketch a plan, start digging the foundations, build your walls brick by brick (don’t forget to leave openings for doors and windows), place a roof (by preference water-proof), finish everything by decorating the rooms. In case you forgot a cellar for your French wine, demolish everything and start all over again.

Where do you start when designing a game?

      By the end (when you know the goal of your game, you know where you want to go to).

How do you find new ideas?

      I find ideas without searching for them. I’m rather catching ideas as they fly by. It helps being quick and having a big net.

Is it easy to design a game?

      Yes, very easy. Take a card board and draw some squares. Take some pawns and some dice. Scribble some silly text on some cards and ask your friends to play your new game. If they do not like it (what you expected a little bit), ask for suggestions to improve your idea. You will be astonished that the best ideas are not coming from yourself, but from your players.

How do you sell a game?

      Ask an editor to buy it.

How do you protect a new game against plagiarism?

      I show it to everybody. The more people see my game, the more they will identify it as mine. Forget patents or depots in a notary office, unless you are really convinced that your idea is genial; but are you not overrating yourself a little bit? Concentrate your efforts on designing a good game instead of protecting a poor concept.

* Most of them are simply imagined by myself.

How much do you play?

      A better question would be : “what are you doing when you don’t play?”. Mao Zedong could have answered for me : “Sleeping, eating and shitting” (which was his answer on his main occupation during his first international visit in Russia in 1949). For the rest, I’ve nothing in common with that dictator.

Are you rich now? (In dutch : Zijdegij binne?)

      I have 1 wife, 2 mistresses, 3 legal kids, 4 bastards, 5 dogs, 6 cats & 7 chicken. Above this, I also possess 4 race cars, 3 country houses, 2 yachts, 1 jet plane and some stocks in the oil industry (an advise of my good friend George W.).

      So as you can see, if you want to become rich, choose another job.

Why are you always accompanied by such gorgeous babes?

      In fact, they are my BODYguards. They take care of my health and, as I can confide to you, they are doing their job with devotion.

What’s the secret of your success?

      According to some folks, who know me very well, I’m a pathetic, lazy, selfish, arrogant and annoying poor soul. Is that your definition of being successful? If you think so, you know my secret now.

Do you want to play with me?

      Yes, and with your feet too.