Tekstvak: So you want a nice game for free...

Apparently, you still believe in Santa Claus.

Let me tell you one thing, pal, in this world nothing is free.

Besides, if you and any other visitor expects that I pay for your games, it would cost me quickly a fortune. In fact, I’m counting on you to buy my games. They are designed for you.

More important, the fact that you are reading these lines, indicates that you are smart and have a nose for opportunities. Buying one of my games is for example one chance of a lifetime. Sooner or later, they will get out of print and become collector’s items.

Thus, run to the closest game shop and grab the latest copy out of the

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hands of an innocent buyer. You never know that he is planning to sell it at the highest price on ebay.

Instead, after you have played and replayed your game until the components are worn, you will keep it and cherish it like you have cherished your cuddle bear when you knew the true value of things. Later, when you feel that your time has come to go, you will be glad to pass the game to the next generation (to avoid discussions provide as many copies as you have (or are planning to have) children). Your successors will keep their copy as a relic and bless your wise decision to have chosen especially one of my games for them.

Thank you for your curiosity.

Example : This young kid is the happy owner of the whole collection. By exception, he got them all for free as a reward for being the lead play tester.