Editor : Eurogames/Jeux Descartes

Gouda! Gouda!

My first published game, so I like this one very much.


Publié en 2002 après avoir reçu le Gobelet d’Or au concours de Boulogne-Billancourt en 2001.


Kaas en muizen… Ik vraag me nog steeds af waarom de Franse uitgever een Hollandse kaas als titel gekozen heeft. Er zijn toch ook Belgische kazen!


Extra tactics

To allow different paths towards the cheese, use some matches or pieces of a rope. Place the match or rope in between two spaces, which are not connected already. In this way, you create extra connections towards new spaces, increasing the possibilities to move forward or backwards.


Now, as an extra, the Nullify Power “X” allows you to disrupt such a connection, while the Transfer Power lets you transfer the connection to another location.

Gobelet d’Or




My favourite optional rule

Place 3 cheese tokens on different locations on the game-board. Each cheese token has a different value :

Locations and values :

1. Orange table - value 4

2. Pile of newspapers - value 3

3. Two small yellow boxes - value 2


The winner of the game is the player with the most points.

If 2 mice reach the same location at the time, divide the points by two.