Game designing tips

Become a game designer in 10 steps!!!

Step 1 :

Wake up at 10 o’ clock. Don’t remain any longer in your bed, you lazy pal, your day will be spoiled.

Step 2 :

Take a continental breakfast : one egg (boiled during 3 min.), one roasted bread, butter, marmalade, coffee with milk and sugar (one cube must be enough, isn’t it?).

Step 3 :

Read the newspaper. Read everything : local news, national news, international news, joke of the day and most important the weather forecast. Solve the crossword puzzle. Skip the TV-programs, there is nothing worthwhile to see this evening.

Step 4 :

Time to stretch your body and have some exercise. Run to the garden, meanwhile put off your clothes and dive in the refreshing water of your new swimming pool (sorry, if you don’t have a pool, you will never become a good game designer).

Step 5 : After some lengths, Wendy has arrived with a home-made cocktail. Once again, your new girlfriend has surprised you with her “cool” swimming suit (in fact, the suit is so small, that most of it is left to your imagination). “She urgently needs a ride”, is what you are thinking, although you are still exhausted from the debaucheries of last night.

Step 6 : Your first job of the day is done, now. Wendy is satisfied and you are getting hungry. Let’s take the lunch.

Step 7 : Nothing better than a short break after lunch, so install yourself in one of the teak desk chairs and have a snooze.

Step 8 : It’s already four o’ clock in the afternoon. Take your laptop to start working. Unfortunately, you forgot to reload the battery, so put it back away and make a walk around your property to change your mind.

Step 9 : Prepare the barbecue. You are expecting some friends for this evening.

Step 10 : Your friends were more interested in the wine than in play-testing one of your prototypes. Besides, Wendy didn’t stop pinching you. This girl is really hot, man. So, call a taxi to get rid of those drunken fellows and follow the tight bottom of your sweetheart towards your king-size bed...

Final comment : If you are still dreaming, please wake up now. You followed the wrong course : this was about designing your holiday, not games.


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Les 5 secrets d’un créateur de jeu :

1. Écrivez 365 mots (le nombre exact est capital) sur des fiches (un mot par fiche).

2. Placez-vous en haut de l’escalier (le premier étage suffit).

3. Retournez votre bac à fiches et regardez comme les fiches descendent en feuille morte vers le bas.

4. Ramassez les fiches une par une en commençant par celles du bas.

5. Les 10 premières fiches vous donnent la trame pour votre nouveau jeu.

Conseil : si jamais ce système ne fonctionnerait pas à souhait, apprenez l’anglais et référez-vous au conseils mentionnés si dessus.

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