My new 2006 MINI Cooper S
Discount MINI's for Military serving in Europe

2006 MCs DS/Bm, #1, #2 package, 17” S-Light, Black bonnet stripes, limited slip diff, rear fog, grey leatherette, anthracite int w/ headliner, universal garage door opener, HK sound, + “Euro parcel shelf”, Aux Input, rubber trunk liner (from Out Motoring) Kuda dash mount w/ Krusell Quick Mount Magnet for my iPAQ rx 3115.

Planning on;
Anthracite R99’s, security system, pulley, cold air intake, roof rack, roof flame graphic, clear break lights.


I picked up my MINI on the 2nd of December 2005 after a month of delays waiting for it to clear Belgium customs

I plan to put these rims (anthracite R99) on my mini soon, but probably not till we get back to 
America. I got it with 16 miles on it but didn't think to take a picture of the miles till later

Its hard to keep a new car clean in Belgium's farm lands during winter

I drives great in the snow. The Dynamic Stability Control is like 
Anti Lock Breaks but it keeps your car under control 

Every MINI has a break in period of 1250 miles. You cant go over 95mph or 4500 rpm's 
This was a happy day

Testing the speed limiter on the German Autobahn

Its easy to maintain a high average speed in Germany but my average MPG was in the teens.

I go 5 minuets out of my way on my 25 minute daily commute just to take this road.

Original Mini Cooper Cigarette Cards

My dash with a KUDA and KrusellQuick Mount