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G.Rudolf Uebel





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G.Rudolf Uebel

G.Rudolf Uebel

Gerhard Rudolf Uebel (1915-1991) was a member of an instrument makers family with a tradition dating back to 1878. The F.Arthur Uebel company is still making clarinets in Markneukirchen (Germany). G.Rudolf was a nephew of F.Arthur and took over the production of flutes when F.Arthur passed away in 1963. The clarinet workshop went to his brother Max Werner, who continued making clarinets under the brand name of his uncle. The company is now no longer family owned and resides under Triumph Adler AG (together with Courtois,Strasser-Marigaux and Meinl). The production of flutes apparently ended with the death of G.Rudolf Uebel in 1991. The instrument is made from a single rod of aluminium, which is a very uncommon material for a wind instrument. The keyposts are fitted directly into the aluminum and not on ribs as is common nowadays. The head does not have a cork but an aluminum stopper, making the end above the blowhole awkwardly short. The lipplate is made of black plastic, a relatively new material in 1967 when this flute was made. The unusual constructing makes that the head can not be replaced by a modern one. The keys are also of an unusual design and remind very much of the 'sixties'. You can find another flute just like this one on Joe Sallenger's site.


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