Name OS Size D/L
GeePee32 v0.43 Win32/DirectX 784 KB
GeePee32 v0.40 Win32/DirectX 433 KB
GeePee32 Build 33 Win32/SDL 24 KB
GeePee32 Build 32 Win32/DirectX 380 KB
GeePee32 Build 30 Linux/SDL 50 KB
GeePee32 Build 24 Win32/DirectX 346 KB

What is it ?
GeePee32 is a GP32 emulator that emulates the Korean GP32 handheld (http://www.gp32.com).

The emulator needs a GP32 firmware dump in order to work. I do not have permission from Gamepark Inc. to distrubute this file :(

Commandline options
/GXB=<filename> Loads GXB file
/FXE=<filename> Loads FXE file
/SMC=<filename> Loads SMC file
/RUN Starts emulation
You can not use FXE and GXB at the same time

Commercial games / roms / dumps
There are several dumped games floating around on the internet which do not work on the emulator without first "fixing" them.
Do not e-mail me with questions on how to do this, I do not support GP32 piracy.