Nintendo e-Reader Development Tools

Date News
2004-05-29 Fixed win32 version of "b2x" program. Previous version could not handle CTRL-Z in input stream.
2004-05-08 Updated "Nintendo e-Reader Flash Maker" from v1.1 to 1.2
  • added "-region" option for difference between usa and jap name encoding.
  • added support for large (+60KB) files.
    Added "Minimal SYStem" (MSYS) environment.
    Changed "BINCVT" version number from 1.0 to 2.0 (was incorrect).

  • Name Nintendo e-Reader Dot Code Print v1.0
    Description This tool can print Nintendo e-Reader dotcodes.
    Author Tim Schuerewegen

    Name Nintendo e-Reader VPK Compress & Decompress Tool v1.1 (lite)
    Description This tool can compress and decompress Nintendo e-Reader VPK files.
    Author Tim Schuerewegen

    Name Nintendo e-Reader Flash Maker v1.2
    Description This tool can turn Nintendo e-Reader "executables" into flash rom files for use on an emulator (e.g. debugging) or real hardware (e.g. testing).
    Author Tim Schuerewegen

    Name Nintendo e-Reader Z80 Assembler and Linker v1.0 (based on "ASxxxx Cross Assemblers" v4.0)
    Description This is a Z80 assembler and linker for the Nintendo e-Reader based on the "ASxxxx Cross Assemblers" software written by Alan R. Baldwin.
    Author Alan R. Baldwin (original)
    Tim Schuerewegen (Nintendo e-Reader port)
    Remarks This is not the original version/package. I only included the original generic Z80 assembler (asz80.exe) and linker (aslink.exe) and also my modified version of the assembler (asz80-ereader.exe) that does not accept opcodes not supported by the e-Reader. You can download the documentation and entire original "ASxxxx Cross Assemblers" software package including binaries and source code from the author's site.

    Name B2X v1.8 *WIN32*
    Description This tool converts binary files to C or assembly DB statements.
    Author Jeff Frohwein (site)
    Remarks This is not the original version. I had to recompile it due to a file locking problem on my WinXP system. Source code is included.

    Name GFX2GBA v0.13
    Description This tool converts graphic files (e.g. BMP) to GBA useable data (raw, tiles, map).
    Author Markus Glanzer (site)

    Name BINCVT v2.0
    Description This utility converts Motorola S19 and Intel Hex files to a pure binary format.
    Author Tech Edge (site)

    Name "Minimal SYStem" (MSYS) environment
    Description A Minimal SYStem to provide POSIX/Bourne configure scripts the ability to execute and create a Makefile used by make.
    Author n/a