2001/10/30 - One bug fixed, 999 to go :)

I've been able to track down one of the oldest bugs in C4PC, the one that affects the position of the gun in the game Labyrinth AND which also affected the RTC (Real Time Clock) BCD to decimal conversion, so those 2 things are fixed now, whoohoo. The gun is at the correct position and CyOS now shows the local time of your PC. Unfortunately I'm still pulling my hair out searching for the bug that makes CyOS kill the keyboard thread when suspend mode is active, that's the nastiest bug I've ever encountered !! If I can't find it I'll just patch CyOS so it doesn't jump into suspend mode anymore :/

Btw, does anyone know how to charge emulated batteries ??

2001/10/26 - UK ROM / Cybiko Xtreme tool
Thanks to some very nice people who contacted me I discovered that the Cybiko ROM in the UK version is the same as the one in the US version, which means that the C4PC system pack in the download section is 100% correct. I'm currently working on Cybiko Xtreme support for C4PC, which was finally made possible with the release of the EZ Loader software and the system pack on The EZ Loader software contains a lot of COM objects written by Cybiko Inc. which you can use in your own programs to control the various aspects of PC / Cybiko communication and more ... take a look in the download section, I've made a small application that uses one of the many COM objects to extract files from the Cybiko Xtreme CSU file, enjoy :)

2001/09/22 - UK version of Cybiko ROM needed
I'm currently looking for the UK version of the Cybiko ROM, if you bought your Cybiko in the UK, contact me here

2001/09/21 - System Pack 58 added (for UK version of Cybiko)
I've added system pack 58 for the UK version of the Cybiko to the download section. It should work with C4PC v0.28.

2001/09/17 - C4PC v0.28 - New version released

Looks like the 0.27 release contained some nasty bugs :
- Dialog box "Unknown IRQ index (11)" would appear after short time (due to fake IRQ getting triggered by accident)
- Console file transfer gave a lot of CRC errors while there should be none (due to calling interrupt handler while it was still busy)
- Changed the way 8-bit timer0/1 interrupts are handled (greatly decreased the number of triggered IRQ / sec)

Also keep in mind that the major problem of this emulator is speed ... at this point not really important, there are still quite a few bugs to find/remove and features to add. Once I am happy about the functionality/compatibilty I will try to make it faster, although I don't expect it to run full speed on anything slower than 1Ghz.

2001/09/16 - C4PC v0.27 - New version released
It has been a while since the last update, mainly because no-one seems to be interested in a Cybiko emulator and that effects my own interest in the project. Let's hope the UK / Europe release of the Cybiko device will do something about that :)

2001/08/24 - Name for the Cybiko emulator
The Cybiko emulator previously known as "CyEmu" finally has a name ... "C4PC" (Cybiko For PC).

2001/08/18 - Welcome
Finally managed to force myself into building a new homepage from scratch and also make a Cybiko section mainly dedicated to C4PC, the first *real* Cybiko Emulator. More to follow ...

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