My HAWORTHIA collection


How it started


I became interested in haworthia during a visit at C. Grootscholten. Cok has a large and very nice collection of haworthia. He also explained me the importance of collecting haworthia with field data. I bought some plants, bought some more. I was interested in all species. But when my collection increased and space decreased I dropped the more common species. For the moment I have emelyaea, bayeri, springbokvlakensis, arachno´dea, magnifica as most favorites plants.


Soil and water


I had lots of failures with haworthia and 2 years ago I was thinking to give them all up. I had extremely difficulties to keep their roots healthy. I tried lots of different soil mixes, even pure pumice. I found out that the soilmix I used at first was just the best: equal parts rich potting soil and crushed brick.

I also used to water year around and the plants seemed to appreciate that and were also growing in winter. But lots of plants lost their roots in spring. Now I give them a winter-summer rest. I water from february until june and from august until november. Things are going better now.




   I. From leaves

Just not much experience. I have tried a couple of times with not much success. I think I must watch Cok Grootscholten. He is a master in growing haws from leaves.

     II. Growing from seeds

I sow seeds two times a year (if seed is available). In march and in august. I used to put small seedlings in a heavy shaded position. Now I sow them like all others in a very bright position. Damping off is now a minor problem.


Pictures list


People interested in haworthia should join the Haworthia Society or read Alsterworthia International.

Due to lack of space I only list pictures of cultivars, crosses and some unusual plants.

At 1/3/05 I have created a photo album to list pictures of species I grow. Click on small picture to view foto in better resolution. Click again on the big foto and you are back to the album. Around 250 pictures will be listed. All plants from my collection.

People interested can obtain a cd with these pictures in resolution 1600 X 1200. Price will be 7,5 euro.