My asclepiad collection



My stapeliad collection is very young, only about 2 years. My collection started to increase after my visit at E. Aslander during my trip to S. Africa in 1999. Etwin has send me some plants but also seeds. Sowing was more or less succesful.Seedlings from these sowings and also cuttings from Aslander gave me lots of flowers last year 2001.

I also joined the International Asclepiad Society with their large seedlist

I sow stapeliad seeds in may-june in our hottest and brightest part of the year. Seedlings can reach a fearly nice size before winter arrives.

For the moment I have moved all stapeliads into a rich potting soil including some crushed brick. 

I also use a systemic insecticide about 3 to 4 times a year to control the damned  (root) mealy bugs.

I have read articles from Barad and Mulej about pollination of stapeliads but I can't figure out how to do this. I just don't know what things I have to bring from one flower to another, but every year I have some seeds from my plants. I sow those but keep good records that these seedlings could  be hybrids.

People interested in stapeliads should join the IAS.

On the next pages you can find pictures from flowers in my collection 2004.