Moko, a swiss project. These are scans from a magazine someone sent me.

Engine: Air cooled sohc 360 degrees parallel twin
Dimension: 86 X 88
Capacity: 1023 cc
Output: 98 Bhp @ 8000 rpm
Gearbox: five-speed
Wheelbase: 1450 mm
Chassis: tabular-steel spine frame with open craddle
Weight (dry): 160Kg with oil/no fuel
Top speed: 140 Mph
Year of manufacture: 1985
Constructor: Moko Team AG, Ebicon, Switzerland

Message I got from econobiker (econobiker AT mindspring DOT com)

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From: "Frank Geers" <............>
Subject: Re: Dysle"XS"ia/ Shifter/kicker conversions
> Moko - the name rings a bell - do send the pic ASAP. You can see a cable
> operated right hand clutch conversion on my Snake project. See pics in
> II tech section´.
> Frank Geers

I found my color copies of the Swiss made Moko XS650/XS1000 [with right side
clutch pull as I thought]. They were from the book:
39 Bikes Analyzed and Portrayed With Specification Charts With Over 200
Full-Color Pictures
Author: Alan Cathcart is a well-known motorcycling journalist and a
successful classic bike racer with victories to his name in the USA, Japan,
Britain and all over Europe. He is a leading authority on exotic
Published By:
Longmeadow Press, Stamford, Connecticut,
Copyright Date Not Shown (British), Longmeadow Press Reprint, First
240 pages, 11.25" x 8.75" Hardback with Dust Jacket.

I found the description of this circa 1986ish (has a V-max listed) book
listed on the web at a used book site.

Message from Philip Edwards : (philipedwards AT supanet DOT com)

Dear Frank

Sorry about this delay in responding to your last e-mail

I am afraid I don´t have any shots of my XS 880cc engine yet but I hope to put this right shortly

I have attached one more shot of us racing and some info on a XS you have on your site

All the best

Philip Edwards (England)

I put the pics of Philip´s sidecar on the "sport use" page.

He also sent along copies of an article in "SuperBike" about the Moko - find them on the second moko page. (Warning - very big page!)