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Probiotics Summit

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Partner organization

IPA - International Probiotics Association

International Probiotics AssociationThe International Probiotics Association (IPA) is an international organization equally split between industry and academia and its goal is to provide a unique forum for the exchange of research and latest breakthroughs in probiotic technology and new product development.

European Food & Feed Cultures Association EFFCA is the European Food and Feed Cultures Association. EFFCA’s objective is to enhance public knowledge of the contribution the use of microbial cultures make within the food chain through accurate, fair and scientifically-based information; while discouraging any inappropriate promotion or misuse.

YLFA Intl - Yoghurt and Live Fermented Milks Association International YLFA is the Yoghurt and Live Fermented Milks Association. YLFA’s primary objective is to promote the specificity and important health benefits of yoghurt, live fermented milks and related probiotic products.