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UPDATED 30 DEC 2018 Ignace Debruyne

Genealogy Debruyne research started seventy years ago with research done by my father Michiel Debruyne, later extended by my brother Stefaan Debruyne. The current genealogy database contains over 56,000 individuals (status December 2017).

Over 75 % of these records are accessible through this website, primarily the Debruyne family originating from Klerken-Houthulst and the Gyssels family originating from Jabbeke-Oostkamp. The project on genealogical population reconstruction for Klerken Houthulst starting around 1653 is displayed in a fully updated version. This is work in progress; so far about 75 % of the population is accessible; updates will follow. An extra database with a historic Debruyne line originating in Ieper is given for general information; in the original work it gives a lot of historical insight in social and industrial evolution in Flanders from 1200 to 1800.

The Debruyne genalogy research is an ongoing project. Please revisit regularly and get access to the latest updates.

Ancestors of / Voorouders van Ignace Debruyne

Ancestors of / Voorouders van Hilde Van Synghel

Genealogy Debruyne

DNA and Genetic analysis

Genealogy Debruyne in Ieper

Genealogy Gyssels

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