We just finished our feature film (1h 20m) about the Pacific Crest Trail. A long distance hike from the Mexican border to Canada. In total, with side trips, about 2700 miles, or 4400 km. It is now shown in front of small audiences and the reviews are GREAT!!

It will be available on this website around may.

At the end of March we will be uploading video's of bear encounters and give you tips and tricks about what to do if you see one. But also about camp discipline, food storage etc. to avoid them coming into your tent in the first place.


(Ultra) light weight hiking

Our first video series is all about going (ultra) light weight. Why start with this?

Well, the less weight you carry, the further you can go and the more fun you will have. So it all starts with reducing weight.

Series: Reducing pack weight

If you are new to this sort of thing, than at the end of the series you can probably reduce your pack weight to at least half of what you might be carrying right now. And still find it very enjoyable!

Others videos that will follow:

  • Hiking Poles, How to use them properly.
  • How to pack a backpack.