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In 2015 we hiked the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). A 2665 mile (about 4300km) long distance hike through some of the most pristine wilderness areas of the American West. During this trip my wife and I saw many people making (beginner) mistakes. In a lot of cases this lead to pain, suffering and in some cases the end of their trip.

I have been a wilderness guide and outdoor sports instructor for more than 30 years and have led many expeditions all over the world. After the PCT we thought that it would be a great idea to create a place where we can help you by sharing our knowledge. Hiking is all about having fun and enjoyment, not suffering.

The first step is to make movies with tips. Every month a new video will be released, so check them out. And just for fun we give away great photos that you can use for free on your PC or as a backdrop in your personal movies/projects.


Happy Trails!


Andre de Jel, Founder

Known in the USA as 'Morning Star'.

In the rest of the world as: 'The Friendly Hiker'