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Since september 2003

Welcome to this page. We are a WW1 re-enacting / living history organisation in Flanders. We started this organisation after The Wings and wheels weekend at Ursel (Flanders), august 2003.
S.R.D. was the founded by several experienced re-enactors.
We are specialised in Commonwealth WW1 remembrance and living history. But some members study other armies / periods too.
We have even some who do the German army 1917! Only on special request we can do other uniforms or periods. For info about reenacting, see links.

Our group is specialised in the performance of historical scenes of the Ypres Salient during WW1.
We guide your group in historical uniforms.
We help you with your act of remembrance .
We colour your event.
We do commonwealth WW1: Australian, Irish, Scottish, Welsh, English,...And recent also Belgian and German WW1
We have strict internal rules + a strict policy on behavour and attitude. All members respect those.
Our basic priciples are: remembrance, education and experience.
Like that we can show respect for the past.
We also worked several times with national and international TV and film.
We also offer advise for WW1 productions. But we are not a props firm, so we do not sell or rent costumes.

   Artist: Soren

We even have a nice group of nurses: Australian & British. Look at our nurses page!
Because we find the living history of the role of women in WW1 as important as men during WW1, we like to stimulate the presence of women at WW1 living history events.
Like our nice nurses on this picture.

More info? Contact us we are pleased to help you.

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