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Lunatics F.C. : the team, the philosophy, and the ambitions


The history:

Every team has a history, every team has a kit. But for Lunatics F.C. both history and kit are closely connected. It is difficult to say when Lunatics F.C. was "founded", but it all started in the early eighties, when some young punks and other youths from Kapellen (Belgium) didn't only want to hang around in the local park, but started kicking a ball as well. So they played five-a-side games in the park. After a while they got in touch with people from "real" football teams, and were asked to play friendlies. As one of the founding members of the team did some work for Greenpeace from time to time, Lunatics F.C. started selling merchandise material of the mentioned nature organisation at tournaments. By that time the first Lunatic kit emerged: a Greenpeace T-shirt.

Off course, a football team doesn't only need a kit, but also a name. Some players were musicians in a reggae band called the White Reggae Lunies; that was the inspirational spark to call the team Lunatics, bearing in mind that the players combined playing football as fanatics with the "duty" to have a wild party after every game.

As some more years went by, it started getting difficult finding teams to play friendlies every week, so the plan emerged to play in a real competition. In 1989, Lunatics F.C. became a member of the A.V.V.V., a local football association in Antwerp. The current Lunatic kit was born: in a green shirt, red shorts, and yellow socks the famous reggae colours were combined.

Though the team started quite well in the first seasons, they never really challenged for the title in the 5th division. However, winning the Fair Play Trophy a couple of times was also seen as a success. From the mid-nineties, things started changing: more young players arrived, weekly trainings were organised, the team adopted the passing game, and a new home ground was found at the Leugenberg. We baptised it the "Wimmeke Dams stadium", named after our president. In 1997 came one of the biggest triumphs so far: Lunatics F.C. won the title in the fifth division, and progressed to the 1/16th finals of the Cup, also called the "Gaston Willems Trophy". In 1998, the team clinched third place in the 4th division and won the Fair Play Trophy. During the season 1999 we challenged the title for a while, but a lack of concentration and many other reasons postponed the celebration of a new title until the 'fuck the millennium year' 2000. Yes indeedie, the lunas are climbing up the hill boys - they all laugh at us - they all mock at us - they all say our days are numbered, but new victories will come across. So, if it hasn't already downed on you, in the 200-2001 season we won the title in the 4th division and made promotion to 3rd division a fact. The first year in that higher division saw us go up and down in the standings like a jojo, face relegation, but eventually ended a very creditable 6th, thanks to 3 straight victories in the last 3 games of the season.

The philosophy

Lunatics F.C. is a football club that wants to combine a great fighting spirit and an attacking mind with the necessary fair play. In other words, every game has to be won, but every opponent deserves our ultimate respect. It goes without saying that in our team there is no room for racist or any other discriminative behaviour or language.

And don't forget: we were born to PARTY !!!

Playing in Europe

In 1996, our team was invited to join the Bad Muskau (East Germany) tournament, where we won the Fair Play Trophy. Since then we have participated at tournaments in England (Shipham, 1996) and Germany (Bad Muskau, 1997 and Trochtelfingen-Steinhilben, 1997)

At the end of the 1997 tournament season, Lunatics F.C. organised an international football event for the first time, which was won by the Easton Cowboys.

In 1999 we organised a football event ourselves for the second time. I remember it was a good time, hard work and a bad result for Lunatics FC. Not a bad result for the 1in 12 club who won the tournament.

In 2000 we were on the road again visiting Freiburg, Hannover and Bedminster. Until May 2001, our biggest success in Europe was reaching the semi-finals of two tournaments : at the Shipham 96 tournament, we went out after a dramatic penalty shootout. At the Alternative World Cup (Thorncombe 1998) we couldn't get passed the South-African Team of Diepkloof, who finally won the title.. But then, finally, "after 5 years in the institution", we won our first major European trophy at the MayDay event, staged by the 1 in 12 Club and Republica Internationale, in Bradford.

Visitors of this page might think that Lunatics FC has stopped at their moment of glory on the international football scene. But the fact that you're not reading about our more recent successes and tournaments (Freiburg, Dorset, Ponderosa, Lecknica, Mondiali Antirazzisti,...) has more to do with laziness, writer blocks, making children, Liverpool's European triumphs, building houses, rebuilding houses, and very much drinking. We're working on an update.