A whole trip along the European Road E40

First part: From Calais (France) to Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Second part: From Kharkiv (Ukraine) to Samarkand (Uzbekistan)
Third part: From Samarkand (Uzbekistan) to Ridder (Kazachstan)

Second part: From Kharkiv (Ukraine) to Samarkand (Uzbekistan)

Kharkiv => Kamensk 350 km
Kamensk => Volgograd 300 km
Volgograd => Astrakhan 300 km
Astrakhan => Aturay 300 km
Aturay => Kulsary 200 km
Kulsary => Beyneu 300 km
Beyneu => Border Uzbekistan 70 km
Border Uzbekistan => Kungrad 300 km
Kungrad => Turtkul 260 km
Turtkul => Bukhara 350 km
Bukhara => Samarkand 250 km
19. From Kharkiv to Luhansk. The way after Kharkiv.
19b. Almost in Luhansk.
19c. Luhansk.
20. Further towards Krasnodon and hitting the Russian border in Izvaryne. After crossing the border, we must find the Russian road M21 to Volgograd, by taking the towns Donetsk, Popovka, Kamensk, and a piece of M4. Driving the whole M21 towards Volgograd, and passing above the lake of Tsimlyanskoye.
20b. We left Luhansk.
20c. Almost in Krasnodon.
20d. The border at Izvaryne.
20e. Finding the Russian road M21.
21b. On the M21 towards the Lake.
21c. Crossing the Lake.
21d. Towards Volgograd.
21e. Reaching Volgograd.
22. Volgograd.
23. Following the river Wolga, from Volgograd downwards Astrakhan, to the mouth of the Wolga into the Caspian Sea.
23b. The M6 towards Astrakhan.
23c. Reaching Astrakhan.
24. Astrakhan.
24b. Crossing the Wolga in Astrakhan.
25. Towards the step above the Caspian Sea, crossing another water vein of the Wolga mouth in Krasnyy Yar. Then entering Kazachstan for the full trip to Atyrau.
25b. From Astrakhan to Krasnyy Yar.
25c. To reach other side in Krasnyy Yar.
25d. Just left Krasnyy Yar.
25e. Before the border Russia/Kazachstan.
25f. At the border.
25g. Just entered Kazachstan.
26. The road to Atyrau.
27. Atyrau, along the river Ural.
28. Through the Plato of Ustyurt, along Dossor, Kulsary, till we get Beyneu.
29. The way to Dossor.
30. Found Dossor.
30b. From Dossor to Kulsary.
31. Kulsary with lake.
31b. Almost in Beyneu.
32. Finally in Beyneu.
33. Now we can drive towards the border of Uzbekistan, and straight to the first town to reach: Kungrad.
34. Almost in Uzbekistan.
35. At the border.
36. After the border crossing.
36b. A very long straight track.
37. Yes, reached Kungrad.
38. In the Kara Kalpak region, following the Amu Darya river (old name Oxus). Turkmenistan beneath it. Going further towards the town Turtkul just before another desert.
39. The road between the Kara Kalpak towns.
39b. Turtkul, ready for the next desert.
40. A ride through the Kyzyl Kum desert until we reach Bukhara.
41. Kyzyl Kum desert.
42. Bukhara.
43. Leaving Bukhara and forward to Samarkand.
44. Between Bukhara and Samarkand.
44b. Samarkand! And the beautiful complex of Registan.