A whole trip along the European Road E40

First part: From Calais (France) to Kharkiv (Ukraine)
Second part: From Kharkiv (Ukraine) to Samarkand (Uzbekistan)
Third part: From Samarkand (Uzbekistan) to Ridder (Kazachstan)

Third part: From Samarkand (Uzbekistan) to Ridder (Kazachstan)

Samarkand => Tashkent 250 km
Tashkent => Shymkent 100 km
Shymkent => Taraz 150 km
Taraz => Bishkek 240 km
Bishkek => Almaty210 km
Almaty => Taldy-Kurgan 240 km
Taldy-Kurgan => Ucharal 270 km
Ucharal => Ayagoz 200 km
Ayagoz => Oskemen 290 km
Oskemen => Ridder 80 km
45. From Samarkand to the capital Tashkent, also crossing a little part of Kazachstan, and the Syr Darya river. (See chart in second part.)
45b. Through a historical gap, just after Samarkand.
45c. Reached Tashkent.
46. Leaving Tashkent, and going upwards into Kazachstan. We still keep the huge mountains of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan right of us, riding eastwards, and will finally enter Kyrgyzstan, until we reach Bishkek.
46b. Crossing the border Uzbekistan/Kazachstan.
46c. To Shymkent.
47. We reached Shymkent.
47b. Almost in Taraz.
48. We can rest in Taraz.
48b. Towards the border of Kyrgyzstan.
48c. Almost in Kyrgyzstan.
48d. Towards Bishkek.
49. The capital city Bishkek.
50. Let Bishkek behind, and enter Kazachstan again, eastwards to Almaty, but then further upwards to Taldy-Kurgan, still the border mountains right of us. Further to Ucharal near the Alakol lake. Until we get into Ayagoz (Sergiopol).
50b. Our last border Kyrgyzstan/Kazachstan.
50c. Just left the border.
50d. Towards Almaty.
51. Almaty.
51b. Almost in Taldy-Kurgan.
52. Taldy-Kurgan.
52b. Leave Taldy-Kurgan towards Alakol Lake.
52c. Almost in Ucharal.
53. Ucharal near Lake.
53b. Almost in Ayagoz.
54. In Ayagoz. Our E40 is almost done.
55. Reaching the finish! From Ayagoz towards Oskemen. And the last part ending in Ridder, again at the side of the mountains, as a border to the East.
56. Just left Ayagoz.
56b. Ayagoz far behind.
56c. Almost in Oskemen.
57. Oskemen along the Irtysh river.
57b. The last road to Ridder.
58. Congratulations. Ridder! Formerly known as Leninogorsk.