Propeller Clock on a Mirror.


Last Updated on 9 October 2003 .


This website describes my version of the Propeller Clock. The idee for the propeller clock is original from Bob Blick. An other example of such a clock and links to many more you will find at Daryl's site. But my decision to make one myself was made very fast when I saw Luberth Dijkman's and  Chester's web site.

To improve the clock I used a bit more powerfull Pic CPU, the 16F628 running at 20Mc. I started my first test with the code available on the web, but soon started to re-write the compleet assembler code from scratch. 

Here is a list of some new features I includes in my Propeller Clock:

What I would like to add,... if I ever find the time for it.




You would also like to have a clock like this. But you don't know how to build it yourself. Maybe you can buy one from Innovative Device.